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In love :)

Sooo… I’m deffinately in love xD 
I’ve known this for a long time now, and it will re-occur to me at random times throughout the day.
This must be one of those times I guess lol.
I was just laying here trying to go to sleep, and I couldn’t quite seem to get her off my mind. 
She is asleep right now though, and probably wouldn’t mind me calling but she has to wake up at 5 tomorrow and we would end up staying on the phone until 1 or 2.
I just basically wanted to say, I loveee youu! :)

Stupid songs stuck in my head…

"Your somewhere between the Girl of my dreams, and the Girl of my nightmares. So, how do I get back to the good times? And how do I see you in a new light? Because the harder I try, the less we feel right for each other. But what am I trying for, what am I crying for, what am I dying for, if it ain’t you?" 

So the song “Last Breath” by the Plain White T’s has been stuck in my head for the past 6 hours. Somehow it randomly applies to my life and what I’m going through right now I guess. The way I know it applies, is that every time stuff comes up normally one song gets stuck in my head for the entire time I’m dealing with these situations. I lose tons of sleep because of these retarded songs. Although some of the lyrics catch my attention and play back over and over in my head for hours. I think these semi-meaningless lyrics cause more trouble for me than the situations that get them stuck in my head in the first place…

So I Made a Tumblr?

Now I guess this means that all my inner most thoughts will be spilled out onto this random blog that will probably only be read by a few people that I know, and won’t really make much of a difference. But heres to optimism in hoping that it will make my life just a little bit less stressfull ha.

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